Give us a call +1.508.351.9970

Give us a call +1.508.351.9970

Customer Supplied Garments Policy

US Sports and Apparel guarantees quality and accuracy of embellished garments and items purchased directly from our company. We are familiar with our products and know the decoration capabilities for each.

Customer-supplied garments or other customer-supplied items will be accepted for decoration with the strict understanding that US Sports and Apparel will not accept any liability for misprints, stains, and/or damage to these garments/items. As with any manufacturing process, damage from equipment or human error can occur. We will make every effort to avoid causing damage or making errors, however, if a customer-supplied article is damaged or an error made, we will not replace the item or reimburse the item’s value. All garments/items are left entirely at the customer’s risk.

For orders consisting of multiple units of the same garment, we highly recommend that a single item be printed, and test washed before proceeding with the remainder of the order. We will not replace or provide reimbursement for customer-supplied garments that fade, discolor or are otherwise less than satisfactory after being washed. When presenting your garments for decoration, you will be required to sign a waiver indicating your acceptance of these terms.

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